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Tampa Estate Planning Attorneys > Blog > Estate Planning > Why Should Your Tampa Estate Plan Include A Healthcare Power Of Attorney And A Living Will?

Why Should Your Tampa Estate Plan Include A Healthcare Power Of Attorney And A Living Will?


You created your will and purchased a life insurance policy. Why do you need a living will if you already drafted a last will and testament? Why would you need a healthcare power of attorney if you do not have a chronic condition?

What is a Living Will?

A living will  is a legal document that states your wishes should you become incapacitated due to a coma, stroke or other terminal  illness. It contains provisions about end-of-life support and assistance should you no longer be able to indicate your preference. This is different than executing a Health Care l Power of Attorney which allows you to choose a trusted loved one to act on your behalf to make crucial healthcare decisions for you if you are unable. A living will should contain provisions about intravenous feeding, artificial nutrition and hydration, life-prolonging treatments, and organ donation This document can diffuse familial conflict in the event your family disagrees about your end-of-life wishes.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

A healthcare power of attorney (POA) indicates a person the patient elects to make healthcare decisions on their behalf when the patient is no longer able to. This person is often referred to as a healthcare surrogate. The surrogate communicates the patient’s wishes to the patient’s attending physician. The POA should also contain a provision for designating an alternate healthcare surrogate in the event their first option is unable to serve.

Can I Change My Mind?

After a living will and healthcare power of attorney are executed, they can be altered any time if you change your mind. Remember that the living will and healthcare power of attorney are only valid for healthcare related decisions. If your medical providers and family have these two documents, your choices will be honored in the event you are unable to express them.

Call Our Estate Planning Attorneys at Strategic Counsel Law Group

End-of-life decision making is not something people like to talk about. But setting aside time now to make your elections will give you autonomy over your own health. These two-documents work in tandem with one another to ensure that your wishes will be respected in the event you are unable to act yourself. You should share these documents with your immediate family and physicians. Our Tampa estate planning attorneys at Strategic Counsel Law Group are prepared to help you today. Reach out for a consultation.

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