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Tampa Healthcare Surrogate Attorney

As we age, it is important to make realistic plans for the future when it comes to our health. Older individuals have an increased risk of slip and fall, stroke, cognitive decline due to dementia, and other disabling conditions that might make them legally incapacitated and unable to control their healthcare destiny. By working with an estate planner, you can create a healthcare surrogate to take on these important medical decisions for you should you ever become incapacitated. The Tampa healthcare surrogate attorneys at Strategic Counsel Law Group, L.C. can help you create a plan should a medical condition take away your ability to make decisions for yourself.

A Healthcare Surrogate is a Valuable Legal Tool Should You Become Incapacitated

There are many examples during which a person might not be able to communicate with their doctor or make sound healthcare decisions for themselves. Whether they suffered a stroke or heart attack, their dementia progressed, or they fell and suffered a traumatic brain injury, a patient may be left in the hands of a doctor who simply does not know what type of treatment they want. A healthcare surrogate alleviates indecision, and potential conflict between the patient’s loved ones, by appointing a person (surrogate) to manage their healthcare decisions in the event that they become incapacitated (mentally or physically unable to manage your affairs).

What is the Difference Between a Healthcare Surrogate, Power of Attorney, and Advance Healthcare Directive?

  • Durable Power of Attorney—A durable power of attorney is a legal document that gives a person of your choosing (often an adult child or spouse) to handle all of your legal affairs if you become incapacitated. This includes handling your financial and business interests such as paying the mortgage, the business of your everyday life. This could include paying your bills, managing your investments, and making healthcare decisions on your behalf.
  • Healthcare Surrogate—A healthcare surrogate is similar to a durable power of attorney in that it is a legal document that appoints a chosen person to handle your affairs if you become incapacitated. However, the difference is that a durable power of attorney appoints a person to manage your financial matters and healthcare decisions, whereas a healthcare surrogate only enables that person to make healthcare decisions for you.
  • Advance Healthcare Directive—An advance healthcare directive (also called a living will) is a document that outlines specific healthcare decisions that you want your medical providers to make if you become incapacitated, such as your wishes regarding tube feeding, ventilation, CPR, etc. Unlike a durable power of attorney or a healthcare surrogate, an advance healthcare directive does not appoint a person to make these decisions.

A Tampa Healthcare Surrogate Attorney is Ready to Take Your Call

One of the most important aspects of recovering from a medical complication is quickly receiving high quality care, and the right type of care. A healthcare surrogate can assure that this happens by appointing a spouse, family member, or close friend to take on the role of decision maker. Call Strategic Counsel Law Group, L.C. at 813-286-1700 to schedule a free consultation with a Tampa healthcare surrogate attorney today.

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