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Tampa Crisis Planning Attorney

Long-term care expenses such as nursing home care can severely deplete an individual’s estate, wiping out a family’s living expenses and life savings in a matter of months. The median cost of a nursing home space in Florida is $275 per day for a private room or $245 per day for a semi-private room. The median cost of having your own room in a Florida assisted living facility is $131 per day.

A large part of our practice at Strategic Counsel Law Group is centered around elder care planning. Through careful planning, our clients are able to afford medical expenses, long-term care and nursing home care without having to spend their life savings or blow through their children’s inheritance to get financial assistance through Medicaid.

Of course, we can’t predict when a person might need a nursing home, and a medical emergency, such as a fall or serious illness, can send someone into a long-term care situation when they least expect it. What happens if you or a loved one needs care, but you haven’t yet done that careful planning that enables you to qualify for Medicaid help without going broke first? This situation is a financial crisis, but it’s one that the Tampa crisis planning attorneys at Strategic Counsel Law Group have dealt with before. Call us right away if you haven’t planned for long-term care expenses but find yourself needing immediate care in a Tampa nursing home or assisted living facility.

How Can Strategic Counsel Law Group Help With Medicaid Crisis Planning?

The situation is this: you or a family member needs to be admitted to a nursing home or assisted living facility – or has already been admitted – but the individual doesn’t qualify for Medicaid. This is unfortunate since Medicaid can cover the entire cost of skilled nursing care, whereas having to pay for it out of your own pocket could bankrupt you. A goal in this instance is to qualify for Medicaid as quickly as possible.

Our Tampa elder care crisis planning attorneys at Strategic Counsel Law Group will help you qualify for Medicaid and guide you through the application process so that hopefully you can begin receiving coverage and benefits as soon as possible. Mishandling the application process can render you ineligible for Medicaid or force you to wait even longer to get benefits as a penalty for going about the process improperly. Don’t try this on your own or use someone who isn’t qualified to help.

Elder care crisis planning can help you protect family assets for the benefit of your spouse, children or grandchildren, or for your own living expenses. You must act quickly, however. The process to get Medicaid coverage takes time, and meanwhile, you are paying out of pocket for long-term care. Here in Tampa, the cost for a semi-private room in a Florida nursing home runs $245 a day, or $275 for a private room. Paying for your own room in a Florida assisted living facility costs $131 a day. These are median costs, meaning they are halfway between the lowest and highest amounts people have to pay.

If you are able to receive care at home, Medicaid can also be used to cover the costs of home health aides, who charge about $22 an hour, and home medical equipment, which can range into the thousands. When a healthcare crisis emerges, getting help from Medicaid can be a literal lifesaver.

Strategic Counsel Law Group can help you qualify for Medicaid quickly, while still keeping your home and other valuable assets. Even if you have too much income for Medicaid generally, you might still qualify for Medicaid through the Medically Needy program to deal with especially high costs of medical care. Our experienced Tampa elder care crisis planning attorneys will counsel you and guide you on the right path to help you get the care you need while protecting your assets to the greatest extent possible.

Get Help Now With Elder Care Crisis Planning in Tampa

For immediate assistance in a medical crisis, call Strategic Counsel Law Group at 813-286-1700. Our Tampa elder care attorneys are ready to help.

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