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Tampa Estate Planning Attorneys > Blog > Medicaid Planning > Why It Is Important To Create A Living Will In Tampa

Why It Is Important To Create A Living Will In Tampa


Both a will and a living will convey your wishes and help protect the rights and best interests of your loved ones. However, while a will goes into effect after your death, a living will dictates important matters during your life. Our Tampa Medicaid planning attorney explains more about this document and why it is so important to create one.

What Is A Living Will?

A living will is a type of advance directive that conveys your wishes in case unexpected events leave you unable to communicate yourself. This can occur as the result of a serious accident, a major illness, or due to downturns in managing chronic health conditions.

Guidelines for creating a living will in Tampa are listed under the Florida Statutes. It must include your name, your signature, that of two witnesses, at least one of whom is not your spouse or a blood relative, and the circumstances under which it goes into effect. Having a living will in place helps to achieve the following:

  • Specifies the type of medical care and treatment you prefer to receive;
  • Prevents your family from having to make difficult decisions or guess what you would have wanted;
  • Helps avoid power struggles and hard feelings among family members;
  • Provides peace of mind and allows you to arrange important financial matters pertaining to your care in advance.

What Is Included In A Living Will?

Advance directives help to protect you if unexpected circumstances prevent you from communicating your wishes regarding financial matters and your medical care. A living will is one of several legal documents it is recommended to have in place. Others include General Powers of Attorney and Do Not Resuscitate Orders.

What is included in a living will in Tampa? You can customize this document according to your individual wishes, but the following are among the most common provisions:

  • Naming a health care power of attorney, which should be someone you trust to make important medical decisions on your behalf;
  • The types of emergency care you wish to receive and your preferences regarding medical providers;
  • Your wishes regarding long-term care and the types of medical interventions you may or may not want, such as ventilators and feeding tubes;
  • Detailed instructions regarding your insurance policies and financial accounts that should be used in paying for medical services.

Unlike a regular will, a living will in Tampa is not filed with the Hillsborough County Probate Court. Because it addresses issues that can occur during your life, rather than after your death, you should keep it with your other legal documents, provide copies to your family and your health care surrogate, and make sure it is included as part of your medical records.

To Find Out More About Living Wills, Contact Our Tampa Estate Planning Attorney

To find out more about creating a living will in Florida, reach out to Strategic Counsel Law Group, L.C. Call or contact our Tampa estate planning attorney online and request a consultation today.




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