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Qualifying For A Medicaid Waiver In Florida


Your elderly father was just diagnosed with Alzheimers’ disease and will require round the clock care. You are not sure how to best assist him because you cannot quit your job to provide primary caregiving duties but you also know he refuses to go to a nursing home. How will you pay for a home health nurse or live-in assistance? It is possible you may qualify for a Florida Medicaid Waiver. 

What is a Medicaid Waiver? 

A medicaid waiver is a provision in federal law that allows the government to waive rules for applying for Medicaid services. People often confuse Medicaid with Medicare or assume that the elderly only qualify for Medicare services but this is not true. There are multiple Medicaid waivers available to disabled or low-income senior citizens in Florida. One example is called a managed medical assistance waiver. This waiver offers primary and acute medical care, including dental and mental health services to indigent seniors who would otherwise be unable to receive treatment.

Another option is called the Florida Model Waiver, which is considered a Community-Based Waiver. Model Waivers are available for both young and elderly patients suffering from a complex or severe medical disability. The Waiver is meant to assist the patient at home or in a community living facility with case management, evaluation for additional services, long-term care and respite care. It is important to remember that there are multiple waivers available and you or a loved one may qualify for more than one. Consulting with an experienced attorney can help you make the choice that is best for your needs. 

What about Medicare or Health Insurance? 

Medicare or Health Care Insurance does not pay for more than a small amount of services associated with a hospitalization.  Long-term care insurance is extremely expensive.  Many estate law attorneys practice exclusively in helping the elderly and their loved ones qualify for Medicaid or medicaid waivers. This varies from state to state, but many elderly couples use estate planning strategies (like an irrevocable trust) to shield assets from creditors or reduce monthly income so they are able to qualify for the Medicaid waiver. The average cost of assisted living is 8,000 a month in Florida. Even if you begin aggressively saving for retirement in your 30’s, it just is not enough, even when supplemented with Medicare and Social Security. That is why it is crucial to look into obtaining a Medicaid or Medicaid waiver, and our attorneys at Strategic Counsel Law Group can assist you through each step. 

Call the Elder Law Attorneys at Strategic Counsel Law Group, L.C. 

If you or a loved one are approaching old age or suffering from a physical disability, you may be concerned about the cost of assisted living or home health assistance. It is possible that you may qualify for a Medicaid waiver, but as mentioned this area of the law varies from state to state and on what specific circumstances are applicable. Our Tampa estate planning attorneys at Strategic Counsel Law Group have experience in elder law and the obtaining of Medicaid waivers and would be glad to assist you and your loved ones. Call us today to schedule a consultation.



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