The Family Protector Program

This is a lifetime program  that helps people in their desire to protect those that they love.  It is a lifetime program protecting families in a world of constant change.  We help empower people and protect their family initially by helping them assess their current situation and identify the risks the family may face in the future.  We work with them designing an estate plan that shields the family and accomplishes their goals using such tools as a revocable living trust, a will, durable powers of attorney for health and finances and a living will. Next we work to integrate a person’s financial assets with the estate plan so they support each other.  Additionally, we implement a formal annual updating program to keep the plan current with any personal and legal challenges that arise.  Ultimately, we cap any settlement fees to administer the plan after death.  Members of our program will have a customized estate plan that empowers and protects their family, a support system that can be relied upon and a strategy to give them confidence that their family’s emotional and financial expenses are managed.  Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind that their goals are met.