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Tampa Estate Planning Attorneys > Blog > Elder Care > Do I Need A Tampa Elder Law Attorney? Find Out More About This Important Area Of Law

Do I Need A Tampa Elder Law Attorney? Find Out More About This Important Area Of Law


Older adults in Tampa live active lives, enjoying everything our area has to offer and giving back to both their families and the community. Unfortunately, there are those who would take advantage of them, preying on their age and vulnerabilities.

Having an experienced Tampa elder care attorney on your side can help. We help protect older adults and guide them in putting important legal documents. Find out more about elder law and how it could help you or a loved one.

Why Is Elder Law Important?  

There are numerous adults over 65 who live in the Tampa area, and many of us have older loved ones we worry about. Elder law plays an important role in protecting their best interests now and ensuring their needs are provided for in the future.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, older adults are the most at risk for physical, emotional, and financial abuse than any other age group. Their property and savings make them an attractive target for scammers, while the impacts of aging and declining health make them more vulnerable in general.

Elder law helps address the issues older adults often face. Our Tampa elder law attorneys work with clients over 65 to ensure they are protected, as well as with their families to ensure their affairs are handled properly. Ways in which we can help include:

  • Protecting older adults against identity theft and other scams;
  • Protecting them from becoming victims of elder abuse;
  • Protecting their assets and their future financial security;
  • Protecting them in the years to come, ensuring they get any long-term or other types of care they require.

How An Elder Law Attorney In Tampa Can Help You

Whether you are over 65 or have someone who is in your life, it is important to acknowledge the unique needs older adults have and to put certain types of protections in place. Our Tampa elder law attorneys provide the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need throughout the process. We can assist older adults and their families with the following vital tasks:

  • Putting advance directives in place, detailing your wishes regarding medical care in emergency situations;
  • Establishing powers of attorney, authorizing someone you trust to handle important matters in the event you are unable to yourself;
  • Creating a trust, protecting your assets while ensuring Medicaid eligibility to cover any long-term care costs;
  • Creating a will and other estate planning documents, designating your wishes, and determining how property and assets are divided in the Hillsborough County Probate Court;
  • Alerting you to potential scams and taking other steps to protect your health and financial security now and in the years to come.

Request A Consultation With Our Tampa Elder Law Attorney

Strategic Counsel Law Group, L.C. provides the caring support and trusted legal guidance older adults in Tampa need. To request a consultation, call or contact our Tampa elder law attorney online today.




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